Born in Barcelona in 1990, Moved to London aged 19 to study at Central Saint Martins. Studied Fashion and specialised in Knitwear design throughout his Bachelor’s degree, and completed his studies with a Master’s degree in Fashion, also at Central Saint Martins in 2018.
He was awarded with the LVMH Prize for Graduates in 2018, which then led into a year work experience at Givenchy as a junior Knitwear designer in the menswear RTW team. After a year working at the men’s studio at Givenchy, decided to relaunch his graduate collection adding a few extra looks and start with his own label. In January 2020, ALLED-MARTINEZ was shortlisted for the LVMH Prize 2020 after presenting in Paris the latest AW20 collection.


Alled-Martinez is born a knitwear brand that intends to challenge the audience on what the limits of traditional knitwear are, creating a collection where every item is knitted.

The fully fashioned knitted tailoring is a way of combining two worlds that had been far apart for a while: On one hand, it’s taking tailoring, which has been considered old fashioned or too smart and modernise it by knitting it in a slouchy matt viscose, which immediately turns the tailoring structured silhouette into a slinky yet sleek one; on the other hand, it’s about taking knitwear, which is “Prêt-à- porter” at its best and give it a couture craftsmanship treatment.

Because of the making of the pieces and their timeless character, in relation to the times we live in, we consider our clothing to be genderless. Our DNA has always been to take elements or references from the past and question how would that be nowadays. We started looking at the Night scene in Paris in the late 70s and 80s and its people; it was a time were a young and wild “initial punk” generation mixed up in the same time and space with the aristocracy of the time. That mix of something Elevated but with a Debauched touch really inspired what the label is all about. Icons like Walter Albini, Jacques de Bascher, Antonio Lopez, etc. also feed our world and help us draw what we think these muses would be nowadays.

In a way, we intend to do so by revisiting the classic wardrobe and relaunching it the way we do it, not over designing: modernising it and creating a real product where the main character is the fit, and the material.

While moving forward, the intention is to keep and stick to the technical DNA of the brand, which is knitwear and its limits but also exploring different eras, different materials and new shapes that are more relevant to today’s landscape.